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La giornata di lunedì 4 settembre

5 settembre 2017 1 commento

Il servizio de Il Quotidiano. Il riassunto della giornata di lunedì 4 settembre.

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    We visited Spino, Bondo, Promontogno and Coltura, Stampa in June 2017.
    I made the visit with my family to reconnect with my cousins who live in the Val Bregaglia.
    My grandfather emigrated to England in the first decade of the 20th Century from Spino.
    We live in the Industrial North of England and we found the villages both spectacular and pristine.
    It is therefore heart rending to know about the loss of life and see the devastation caused by the rock fall from Piz Cengalo.
    We found all my family and local people we met extremely friendly and generous.
    A credit to the area and their nationality.
    I hope that the authorities can quickly restore the villages and infrastructure for the residents sake and it will soon look like the idyllic place we found in June.

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